Do I need a partner?

No! We encourage everyone to rotate partners during class, to meet people and to become a better dancer! 

I’ve never danced before. Will I be okay in the newcomer course?

Absolutely! That’s why we call it the newcomer course! It’s designed to accommodate people who have never danced before.

It’s the middle of the month. Do I have to wait till next month or for a series to end before I can join class?

We structure our classes so that you can join any week if you’re not in the newcomer or a level 1 class. We do prefer you attend within the first 2 weeks if you’re a beginner dancer.

What level should I take? How do I know when I’m ready to move up?

We’ve got a whole page for this question. See our levels offered here. And, feel free to talk to your instructors about it anytime!

Should I learn to lead or follow?

Whichever you want! All we ask is that whatever role you choose, you stick with that role for the duration of the course.

Where can I go to practice my dance moves?

We have free social dance practice sessions throughout our courses. Click here for a  weekly calendar of updates on our socials as well as other local rockabilly/rock n’droll events in town.

What music genres can I practice my R’n’R dances to?

Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm’n’Blues, Jump Blues, Doo Hop

What should I wear to class?

Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and that won’t fall off or hinder your movement. Many people come to class from work, so you’ll see a mix of business casual or stylish casual.

What shoes should I wear? 

Recommended: Keds, Converse or low tread sneakers.

Not recommended: flip-flops, high-heels, heavy boots or Uggs.

I sweat a lot, what should I do?

It’s handy to have a couple of extra t-shirts to change into. Some people wear an outer layer/shell that stays dry while their inner layers get all the sweat. Remember, everyone sweats! The only thing we’re trying to avoid is being wet when our dance partner touches us.