Boogie Woogie


Boogie Woogie – Five weeks
One 60-minute lesson each week

Note: Our 60-minute boogie woogie classes include practice time and one to one help when needed.


Boogie Woogie – Level 1 ( Intro )

A solid introduction to European style boogie woogie. In this five-week course, you will learn the basics of this energetic and fun dance while familiarizing yourself with its six-count structure and foot work. By the end of the course, you will as well know the basic movements of  boogie woogie. Our strong emphasis on technique, concepts and useful exercises make it easy for you to build a solid dance foundation for the dance. We recommend a minimum of 5 lessons before you move to Level 2.

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Boogie Woogie – Level 2

You have finished our newcomer course and/or have other dance experience, specially with swing dances!

Level 2 is still beginner friendly, where everything is explained in details and thoroughly. This course is a great place to start building your dance vocabulary as well as learning signature boogie woogie moves. Level 2 will greatly enhance your dance technique. You will learn to pay particular attention to the rhythm and the fluidity of the movements while learning more fun moves that will allow you to evolve your dance. Have you hit the dance floor yet? Do it! It’s time!

Boogie Woogie – Level 3

You now know many classic boogie woogie moves and you have been out on the social dance floor, but you want more! Learn more variations, develop your styling and refine your technique in the intermediate class. Challenge yourself and you’ll see changes on the dance floor, in your posture, your confidence and of course your good spirits. Never forget to smile! Be bold and show off!

Boogie Woogie – Level 4

You are a regular on the social dance floor, comfortable with the material from the beginner and intermediate classes. You want to learn more, and you’re looking to take your dancing to the next level with added technique, rhythms and musicality. You will polish your basics and take them to a whole new level. Be creative! And, do not forget to have fun dancing!

Boogie Woogie – Level 5

You know your basics inside-out, you can lead or follow anyone on the social floor, and you enjoy playing with your own ideas and personalizing your dance moves. Now is the time to finesse your lead and follow, play more with musicality, dance to faster tempo music and, or maybe perform or compete. Advanced level classes will make you a better dancer and a better partner.

Boogie Woogie – Level 6
Boogie Woogie – Level 7
Boogie Woogie – Level 8