Welcome to Soda Pop Hop! If you landed here you have heard about our amazing Rockabilly Jive, Bop and Boogie Woogie dance Courses, all including a first free trial class for you dance enthusiasts.

We love music! And, we are specifically passionate about the 1950’s music style and era. Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm’n’Blues, Jump blues, Doo Wop. Which all makes it hard for us to stay still on the dance floor!

Proud to be the only dance studio in Toronto to provide group and private lessons of all levels in Rock’n’Roll dances, our goal is to share our love of music and dancing with you through our courses, workshops and events. Still in innovation, We are excited to work our way towards the creation of a new generation of Jivers, Boppers and Boogie Woogie dancers in our city. Why not?

To achieve our goal, we have created a fun, comfortable and friendly learning environment. Our classes are designed to provide an engaging, progressive and thorough learning experience. Dancing is not easy. We know that! But, we are here to make it as easy, smooth and joyful as possible for you. An experience that can have an impact on you to remember and enjoy!

Join our dance family and learn to dance with us! Come out and socialize with us! There is absolutely no experience (not even a partner!) needed when you join us for lessons and social events here at Soda Pop Hop! All that we ask is that you come with a smile, an open mind, and of course a pair of indoor dancing shoes!