Dedicating November to Jive!

* No boogie classes in November. Our jive and boogie course schedule for January / Februray 2018 will be out mid December. Stay tuned. *

Our Referral Promotion: Refer your friends to us! If they register, you will receive a $20 credit you can use towards your own registration, a private lesson or for a Soda Pop Hop t-shirt! Referral Gift Certificate


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3 thoughts on “Dedicating November to Jive!

  1. Are there make up classes for the beginners boogie lessons available on Wednesdays? Now that the Tuesday start times have been moved to 5:30 pm instead of 6:00pm I’ll be unable to make it as the earliest I can get off work is 5:30pm on weekdays. If not thats totally okay we’ll plan to come another time. Thank you!


    1. Hi Emma! I’msorry other that really. 😦

      Hannah & Colleen are in class right now!We miss you guys.

      I’m afraid we have no Boogie 1 on Wednesdays. What’s the earliest you can be here on Tuesdays? It’s ok if a bit later. You can always catch up as the beginning of the class is review time always.


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